Catalyst 100

Well how lovely is this? I've been singled out as one of the "Catalyst 100" in the Janurary issue of Catalyst Magazine out this week! Looks like I'm in mighty fine company too. Find it at enlightened retailers in your neighborhood. #namaste

From the Jan 2013 article

Last year, we sent out a call to our readers to nominate the people they felt have been catalysts within our community—those who have made this a more sustainable, compassionate and vibrant place to live. We present to you 100 of these inspirators, your neighbors...  

In the 30 years that have passed since CATALYST began, the valley has changed profoundly. Salt Lake City has opened coffee shops, brew pubs, and gourmet restaurants. It has welcomed immigrants and refugees from all over the world, produced writers and artists of international renown, and begun to wrestle with the fundamental issues of environmental conservation and public health. We are the melting pot of the Great Basin, a place where practicality, spirituality and creativity all meet and mingle to create a unique essence. Out-of-towners, expecting a monoculture, are constantly surprised by the vibrancy they find here.

Congratulations, then, to our 100 catalysts. You have made our city, our state, and the wider world a better, kinder, more fun and more gracious place to live. We honor you, and the many we couldn't fit on this list who have helped you. Here's to another 30 years—and more!—of evolution.

...Jesse Walker

Way more than just a spinner of tunes, this fun-loving DJ has influenced what Salt Lake City listens to for two decades. He exposed a lot of people to their first dose of house music at both prestigious city-sponsored events and underground raves. Walker's diverse and spiritual sets have opened minds everywhere in the Great Basin and beyond, and he is always ready to help a beginner DJ along.