House Music Legend CHEZ DAMIER in SLC on February 23rd, 2013 [ Special Event ]

Mark your calendars for Saturday Feb. 23rd and get to know Chez Damier – House Music's 'Spiritual Leader'. World famous from Chicago/Detroit/Germany and the world over. Going to be a brilliant night!!!!!!!!! More info coming here and at


This Feb. 23rd, 2013 Boogie Basics Recordings & New City Movement are so very proud to present for the first time in Salt Lake, an artist respected the world over and considered by many to be one of the most important influences and inspirations to the development of American House and Electronic Music. A legendary Spirit, Mentor, Singer, Songwriter, Producer and of course, DJ. From the City of CHICAGO where house became official…


(KMS, Prescription, Balance Alliance | Chicago)


This one-night-only event is happening in the core of urban Salt Lake City
and will span two sound stages with the main room
featuring a surround-sound dance floor.



In the BEAT BOX…


CHEZ DAMIER  (KMS, Prescription, Balance Alliance | Chicago)

JESSE WALKER  (NewCityMovement | SLC)

RICHE BOOM  (Dallas | SLC)

FELIX VILLAR  (Puerto Rico | SLC)

JRAPP  (Bass Machine | SLC)





DECAY w IN ESSENCE  (HiveCollective | SLC)

HEARTWRECK  (HiveCollective | SLC)

SYN.AESTHETIC  (HiveCollective | SLC)

STESUS NICE  (HiveCollective | SLC)


Visuals by CELULLOYD


Doors 9:00PM till Late.

$10 advance tickets, $15 at the door.



for tix, info and daily updates.


This is a Boogie Basics production. In very fine association with New City Movement and the Hive Collective. We hope that YOU will be part of this unforgettable chapter in underground dance history with US. Thank you for your support!



A legendary figure in electronic music, Chez Damier has played close witness to many of the pivotal moments in the history of house and techno. Jointly responsible with partner Ron Trent for both Prescription Records - widely recognised as one of the greatest labels of all time - and The Morning Factory - one of the most ethereal jams ever to rock a room - Chez Damier carries around the soul of house music. 

KMS, The Music Institute, The Bellville three: the Chicago DJ has played pivotal roles in the development of all three hallowed pieces of musical history. However his natural artistry and constant need to out do even himself has led to him passing off such seminal tunes as Can You Feel It as just a stage in his artistic development. For as an artist Chez Damier represents a unique blend; he is as impetuous and daring as now as in 1989 and being able to qualify this with his own unique heritage makes his releases and DJ performances doubly formidable. 

When The Music Institute opened in Detroit in the late '80s it provided the home for a developing music scene. It proved just as important for the development of techno in the city as The Warehouse and The Music Box had been for house music in Chicago and the hedonistic experiences in that club have gone onto shape much of Damier's life ever since. 

After a few years managing the KMS studio and label for Kevin Saunderson, he returned to his hometown of Chicago and, alongside Ron Trent, created the musical legacy that has guaranteed his legend. Immortal cuts like "Sometimes I Feel Like," "The Choice" and "Be My"-remain unparalleled examples of the genre. After taking an extended break from the music industry either side of the turn of the millennium, the house music impulse returned to Damier. A handful of releases in 2004 and the odd DJ date hinted that a return was on the cards.  

In 2009, the last year of the decade Damier found a trusted outlet for his talents. A series of releases for the German label Mojuba signalled that he was on his way back to show the young pretenders the way. Taking up the torch of Prescription, Damier launched Balance Alliance as a home for some of the most forward thinking and talented producers he deems fit to join him on the imprint. With momentum building behind him, Chez Damier will be exploring fresh artistic avenues in the new decade and looking to consolidate his legendary status as a DJ.  (Balance/Secret Agency UK)


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