Eight Days Left!


NOW International, the radical new dance company I recently introduced you to (and am a collaborator) has quickly found amazing amounts of support in it's early stages, something we are so very grateful for. Yet, we now find ourselves at a crucial moment, still seeking support for our inaugural project "The Wedding" through Kickstarter ...with only 8 days left!

Our goal is to raise $35,000 in 4 weeks and we're on track with 157 backers pledging $23,150 from Utah and around the globe including Singapore, Brazil and France. Money that will be used to fairly pay our world-class dancers, sound, lighting, technical engineers and venue - the Masonic Temple. However, we could use ANY help we can get to reach the finish line... soon.

As you may know with Kickstarter, if we don't meet the goal (by May 30th), we lose all the money we have raised so far. So, any support that you would like to give to us would be intensely appreciated and a tremendous psychological boost to myself, the founders Charlotte & Nathan and our beautiful, talented board members (see below). The more backers we have, the better. People can donate as little as $15 or as much as $5000, there is no expectation of any specific amount and we have really cool giftsincluding t-shirts and patches (designed by yours truly), tickets to the show of course and a beautiful letterpress invitation designed and printed by Andrea Paustenbaugh. $1,500 could buy you the only box seat in the theatre near the DJ! (guess who?).


Limited edition T-Shirt, one of the many gifts we are offering for backers of "THE WEDDING"

But in all seriousness, NOW is passionate about raising the barre for the performing arts in this city and bringing in talent from all over the world and surprising our audiences by our choice of venues. We want to do our part to help rejuvenate the art scene here and provide platforms for creative dialogue and interaction.


Above is the link to Kickstarter link. If you are interested in this endeavor - it would be the most effective way to support us. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any further information and please share the link with anyone, who you think might be interested in contributing 'now' or long term. Our 501c3 is pending. But will be active September at the latest, at which time your gift will be tax-deductible. Thank You again for your interest.

Mr. Jesse Walker
New City Movement
future forward music, design & culture