Patrice Baumel DJ's Classical for Universal Yellow Lounge

Patrice-baumelClassical music has been a part of my own life harking back to the Mormon church choir and Suzuki Method piano lessons of my childhood. So in the past few years I've been keen on the idea of DJ's or concepts taking classical out of the concert hall (or movie theater) in an effort to cool it up and reach a wider audience. I was interested then to come across this evening of music by techno artist Patrice Baumel wherein he did just that for Universal Music's Yellow Lounge in the Netherlands.

About the project from Baumel's Soundcloud page:

"My first classical set ever. I didn't know what to expect but it turned out to be a special night at Trouw Amsterdam - a club packed with a very mixed crowd spread out on bean bags, sofas and chairs, just listening and paying full attention to the music. A very social and friendly affair.

Yellow Lounge is a cutting edge concept by Universal Music which takes classical music out of its natural habitat and into a club environment, exposing a whole new group of young listeners to this sound. When I was asked to complete a star-studded lineup consisting of violinist Daniel Hope and cellist Alisa Weilerstein, I glady accepted. Due to my limited knowledge of the subject matter I took a good two weeks to explore the genre and find my own sound within it. Spotify was of great help, so were the guys from Universal who gave me loads of interesting music to listen to.

I loved doing this project. It felt like a door was opinion to something new and exciting. I also see a future in integrating some of this music into my actual club sets.

Visit the Yellow Lounge facebook for pics, clips and more info:"

MusicJesse Walker