Dear Olympics from 2002, We need to talk...


The city and world were wowed by the towering environmental graphics designed by the masterminds at Infinite Scale back in 2002 but even they might agree that 11 years on they're looking rather faded, dirty and basically... tired.

Yes, the Olympics were an incredible experience for all of Utah, we do not dispute that. And then there is it's enduring 'legacy'. May I be the first to say then, that this particular remnant – which haunts us daily – has slowly turned into a cringeworthy eyesore that could easily be renewed. Perhaps a beacon for something more creative and beautifying in the heart of our flourishing Main Street. It's rather large you may have noticed, and demands attention. Why not have a contest to update those graphics? It could be updated Olympics imagery. It could be a landmark for Gallivan and it's ice skating rink and live music, or it could illuminate some beautiful abstract artwork.

Not all public art has to be so literal or a monument to something, or have mountains or families or pioneers on it. Can you hear me Olympic Legacy Foundation? Got any ideas @downtownslc?