Idaho Falls First Pride Parade


Some Utahn's might be interested to know that Idaho Falls had their first ever Pride Celebration this past weekend, and it was a relatively huge success.

Here's a video of the parade/walk: (plus another here)

Bathroom-panic-yard-signMy cousin who is a resident there tells me that before the parade, there were detractors who asked why they would bother to have a parade with "10 people". The local newpaper The Post Register counted at least 750 people, but others estimate closer to 1,000.

She also mentionted that the Idaho Falls city council passed a half-baked non-discrimination ordinance for the LGBTQ community last week. The original ordinance had 3 parts - housing, employment, and public accommodations. A local Mormon Bishop proceeded to send out 5,000 hateful fliers that incited "bathroom panic" to the more ignorant folks. Several members of the city council gave in to the fear-mongering, and they ended up passing an ordinance covering housing and employment, but leaving out public accommodations.

> This is the flyer that was distributed <

It is astonishing in 2013 that this is the first ever Pride event in Idaho Falls, but it's very encouraging to see a little progress finally coming to my old stomping ground. Congratulations guys!

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