Lining up for Korea in a Cup

Thursdays as we know are Food Truck Day at Gallivan Plaza down here in the financial district/sandwich tunnel. Today my friend Eric said I should try the new Korean BBQ truck called 'Cupbop'. The gogigui equivalent of a KFC Sadness Bowl, but not sad at all. A heaping paper cup with rice, cabbage, bbq pork, beef or chicken, vegetables and what seems like five hot sauces on top. An adventurous thing to ingest at 11:30 AM, which is the time you need to be lining up if you intend to get your Cupbob from the new Koreans on the block. Service is fun, snappy and engaging, teasing customers and handing out free samples while you wait. While I might request less sauce next time I hit this truck, I will likely search for it after a late night of drinking or dancing.