XMission, Utah's First ISP Celebrates 20

Congratulations to XMission for turning 20 year mark this week. Also for being so generous to NCM and many others in the Salt Lake community over the years. (NCM is made possible by hosting from XMission...) Yesterday, Pete Ashdown talked about the early days of XMission and how far they've come on their  Transmission blog. It's weird to know this SUN Sparc Classic was their first server in 1993.

Press Release: 
Salt Lake City — Internet Service Provider XMission is 20 years old today, and celebrated the anniversary last weekend at an event held at The Leonardo. Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker and XMission founder Pete Ashdown each spoke at the event.  
XMIssion was founded in 1993 and was Utah's first Internet Service Provider (ISP). In 1993, the company began offering residential dialup Internet connections. As the Internet matured, and as consumer needs changed, XMission expanded its portfolio of services to include web hosting, broadband connectivity, and business services. Today, XMission makes most of its revenue from local and national business customers.
By 2005, XMission started deploying free wireless throughout downtown Salt Lake City. Currently, XMission has wireless services in over 30 local businesses, libraries, and parks in Salt Lake City, and plans to include even more businesses in 2014.