Everything I know about the world, I learned from Anthony Bourdain

People seem to either love or hate Anthony Bourdain. I get some of that. He's a sometimes loud, obnoxious seeming ex-chef with nothing to prove. The reverse being that he's a huge softy and totally the guy you'd want by your side walking through the most remote terrain, cultures and cuisines that God's crazy earth has to offer. He kind of has the best job ever. 

Why Bourdain has accepted a contract with fluff news network CNN is perplexing. But it turns out that's where you'll find the second season of his newest incarnation, Parts Unknown. I think he got a comfortable raise and even more freedom to do what he likes. The proof is in the quality and cinematic luxury of the show, which if you take some time to view one of the best episodes yet (Copenhagen, feat. chef René Redzepi) is entirely a revelation.

If you've never left the 100 mi. radius of your hometown, always wanted to try new things, foods and meet exciting people. Basically become cultured to some extent. Start watching (or re-watching) his shows and thinking the way he thinks. The world will become smaller and soon, your oyster.