Feast in May

NOW ID's next show 'FEAST' is coming in May 2014. From now-id.com:

Welcome to FEAST, an invitation to the table.
Taste the possibilities. Curiosities. Hypotheses. Adventure.

Mmm… The unknown, with all its dangerous, delicious Provocations.

Come FEAST on the life you have lived, IMBIBE the triumphs and failures that have led you to this particular moment in time, and TOAST the future.

All you need is a reservation.

In anticipation, our Master Chef has planned the finest meal to tickle your pallet, feed your soul, break your heart, and expand your mind.
We have a table ready. How many in your party?

FEAST will be an immersive/immediate/kinetic experience for the audience, layering design, theatre, movement, and video. Feast speaks to palates and appetites, hunger and satiation, tradition and experimentation, shared customs and the private experience. We focus here on the table – word and object – both active and passive, simultaneously suggesting the possibility of clean slate, pause and decadence or… a striving for balance in the push and pull of human assembly.

Once again, we are working with a mix of local and international artists: Salt Lake City based actors Andra Harboldt and Robert Scott Smith, Danish composer and musician Jesper Egelund Pedersen, among others, but more on that soon. For NOW, know this will be another courageous celebration that you won’t want to miss, from tabula rasa to sensory delight!

(Promo cinematography by Conor Provenzano, with editing by Chris Howard featuring music from Alex Ollo.)