Get The Balance Right

I had desired to attend the launch party for Revolv #4, but was double booked that night. So I was slightly shocked, yet happy to pay actual money for the local mag yesterday to make up for it.

Asking for money. What, are they crazy? In actuality, that's a bold move for Revolv to seize this particular tipping point in SLC street culture to not only a.) respect their work, process and product up to now, but to also b.) deem it worthy of purchase, downright demand it.

Something about that transaction made me feel good. And not just because our hometown hero artisté Dan Christofferson was inked forever on it's toothy paper. But because it shows Salt Lake in it's best 'now' light and therefore is worth it. I imagined some enlightened young person picking up Revolv in a Berlin shop and wondering why the fuck they've never considered the scene Utah. I got my copy at the fantastic FICE Gallery & Boutique. You want to go to there.