Become One In A Million

145Fund.Org is helping to create marriage equality $5 at a time, by making it easy for people like YOU to become part of the change. It's as simple as texting short code "145fund" to 50155 or clicking the donate link link at 145Fund.Org.

145 is a grass roots funding campaign of Restore Our Humanity, the group creating marriage equality in Utah. Our case has a good chance of creating a national impact for equal marriage rights, but it's going to take a lot of financial support to make this possible. With nearly 314 million people in the United States, we're looking for the support of only a fraction of you to help make marriage equality a reality. Become one in a million, donate today.

“Restore Our Humanity is a small group of everyday citizens who saw a wrong that needed to be righted,” said Mark Lawrence, the volunteer Director of Restore Our Humanity. “Now we’re asking for our fellow citizens, in Utah and throughout the country, to help us see this through to victory. For just $5, everyone can become part of this historic change.”