Vanvouver BC Dispatch #2

Tis' true, I am back from the land up northwest and what a lovely time I had. See photos here. Wish I could go into extreme detail here but work is kicking my butt after the longest vacation I've had in 12 years. That said, I'm fully refreshed and feeling great. Also inspired by how friendly, professional, smart and beautiful Canada and it's citizens are. Despite the cost of living and the unease of Chinese investment in Vancouver, Canada is very much a pleasant agrarian/socialist society at it's core. People just accept from a young age that they are going to pay a little more for everything in return for a higher quality of life. The trains are cheap, run on time, and on an honor system no less. One ticket at $2.75 took me to the airport like our TRAX. The people are healthy, over educated, and recycle like they're life depends on it. There isn't any graffiti. Everyone's just basically like... nice to each other! Even the drug addicts on Hastings have a safety net and are manageable. It's a bit like America through a looking glass. What could have been. Don't get me wrong. I love me some America and our fighting spirit. But sometimes you wonder just like, why are we wasting so much energy? Aren't there bigger problems at hand?