Lunar Transit Spring Festival feat. Funktion One Sound

I'm happy to be joining the lineup for this years Lunar Transit Festival outside of Ogden, Utah. Excellent group of local, national and international music makers coming in to make this fest the best. The real news here is that all those sounds will be pumping through a Funktion One system, the industry standard for dance music aficionados. Prepare to levitate.

Lunar Transit Spring Festival by New World presents

DETAILS: Join us May 20th - 22nd as we embark on a new creative journey through space and time just 40 minutes from Downtown, Salt Lake City. Sign up to the Lunar Transit mailing list for the latest information.

Lunar Transit is a music and arts festival focusing on bringing a cosmic beacon of high quality production and international acts combined with a stellar community to the Utah region.

Originating in mountains of Southern Utah at 10,000 feet elevation Lunar Transit is a destination where music and dancing flows into sanguine sunsets and tranquil sunrises. With natural surroundings it's the place to discover yourself and connect with both the earth under your feet and the stars in the distance. It all started with a group of otherworldly artists, builders, seekers, and explorers combined to form a community with the purpose of reflecting the beauty of spaceship Earth.

There will be several new features at this years Lunar Transit Spring Festival including yoga and workshops from morning until noon with a break in music to recharge from the night. A newly designed temple to serve as a cosmic symbol and place of peace.

We will also be bringing new and improved sound design with Utah's first ever Funktion One / Tannoy point source sound system.



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