5000 Doors Branding

Who needs affordable housing? You'd be surprised.


This fall my design studio was hired to create and implement branding for a new citywide public/private housing initiative called 5000 Doors. Today Mayor Ralph Becker held a press conference in support for the program or '5KD' (as we've been calling it internally) in front of Liberty Village, a development in Sugarhouse that contains a percentage of affordable units. 5000 Doors has been a cool project to be a part of. It's something we already believe in and we're happy the design is receiving positive feedback. You can see the branding in action on todays news over at 4UTAHKUTV2FOX13, KSL and the Salt Lake Tribune.

Statement from SLC5000DOORS.COM:

5000 DOORS is an ambitious housing initiative to address Salt Lake City’s lack of housing options affordable to low-wage workers and moderate income families, persons with disabilities and those on fixed incomes. The initiative will promote the development, preservation and support of 5,000 affordable housing units over five years. Learn More >