Bad Kids Special Appearance at Bunny Hop 2015

Knowing that our 5th Anniversary Bunny Hop had to be extra-extra special we enlisted the extraordinary-supercalifragilistique talents of THE BAD KIDS. A performance art troupe that takes traditional notions of gender stereotypes, drag culture, club kids and puts them upside down in a punk blender. Having recently installed themselves at UMFA as a performance art piece, they'll be bringing their 'looks', attitude and a little something extra to the party with help from Bad Kid DJ Artemis. Here's a bio from the four members we're lucky to have involved. (Shown clockwise from upper left above):

Having abandoned all social constructs in favor of a good time, The Bearded Femme takes to the stage with a long beard and a tight bra...when she isn't burning it. Gird your loins, weep and gnash your teeth at her garish beauty! all shall love her and despair!

Mona Diet is most known for hosting Metro Bar's Saturday Night Shows featuring the highest caliber local and International Drag Artists. With training in classical theatre, modern dance, and vocal stylings. This versatile delusionist is sure to be the right personality to host your next birthday, anniversary, bar/bat mitzvah, divorce, reception, dinner party, bachelor/ette extravaganza, quiciañera, solar eclipse, retirement, in-court settlement, weight loss accomplishment, or latest test result!!!

Lamia is a true serpentine desert queen. She'll charm you, entice you, and dance for you all night long. Let her seductive dance moves, twirls, and alien twig insect body take you into an experience that is truly out of this world.

Blossom hails from the mountains of Midway-to-Heaven Utah where she spends her days frolicking through the woods and meadows twirling in her fringe and lace and singing along to Stevie Nicks. She loves to entertain and most of all loves to boogie with her pals on the endless dancefloor of life.

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