Bringing the love in a serious way

DJ Damian Ardenne, Jesse Walker & Johnny Peppinger

Wow! I can't say enough about how much fun was had this past weekend in Park City. The weather was perfection, food fantastic (Thank you Maxx at Vinto!), our USA ladies won the World Cup, ...strangers invited us into their homes while others gave us free rides... and to top it off, Thievery Corporation put on a bangin' show Sunday night at PCL. Basically, everyone we came in contact with was incredibly generous and good natured. 

I've got a few snippets of video up to give you a sense of the energy at O.P. Rockwell, who were incredible to work with might I add. Thank you to Damian Ardenne for opening the party up with his impeccable taste in the deepest of the deep, and thanks to everyone who came, for bringing the love in a serious way. We look forward to returning soon. July 4th in PC could be a new tradition...?