Bunny Hop Triumphs Again

Photos and video from Sunday's miraculous 'Bunny Hop' fundraiser at The Garage... WOW!

YouTube playlist (4 videos)

Guys... Guys, Can you believe we raised $1500 for Volunteers of America, Utah - Homeless Youth Resource Center this Easter? Simply amazing!

We couldn't have done it without all of your heavenly bodies showing up with loads of love and energy for our 4th year in a row, so THANK YOU from the deepest part of me and the crew at The Garage (Bob, Marsha, all... you're tremendous). I also need to congratulate the following sponsors, DJ's and helper bunnies for making the Hop come together behind the scenes and on the day of the event:

Ron Green / The Green Ant
Michael Templeman / Tomorrow’s House
Josh Wheatley / Urban Vintage SLC
Cody Derrick & Amy Tibbals / cityhome Collective
Karamea Puriri / SLUG Magazine & KRCL
Angela H. Brown and the Slug Magazine team
Flying Bobcat Theatrical Laboratory
Stoneground Kitchen
Diabolical Records
Barber Kit Stiefel

Denise Cartwright Organics
+ Justin Godina (Mixer Donation)
+ Dan Rivers (Professional Egg Hider)
+ Tatiana Subbotin (Caffeine / Moral Support)
+ Philip Gunderson (Floral Tie Furnishings)
+ Lee Croy (8 hr. layover surprise visit from Portland)
+ The Dancers (...you know who you are)

Last but not least a huge hunk of burnin' love goes out to our DJ’s for providing the perfect soundtrack, THANK YOU again:  John Peppinger / Megan Harker Moak / Heather Gaither / Jesse Stewart / James Ramirez / Justin Godina / DJ Finale Grand / Sam "Feral Cat" Stinson