Even Stevens, A Sandwich Shop With A Cause


Even Stevens is the new sandwich shop with a cause, opened by Utahn Steve Down, with an A-Team of community minded people including Karen Olson, Jamie Coates, Jason Dreelin, Trevor Down, and Sara Day. For every sandwich they sell, they donate one (or equivalent supplies to make sammy's) to a local non-profit partner. Kind of a Tom's shoes model for food but on a local level. To start they are currently giving to the Good Samaritan Program, the Rescue Mission, Volunteer's of America Homeless Youth Outreach and the YWCA.

Steve's eye-popping, rustic interior is over the top awesomeness. A massive Trent Call mural by the entrance takes your eye up to a beautiful reclaimed wood ceiling Karen says they scavenged from all over the valley. A 'big ass fan' hovers over a planter festooned poof, surrounded by wood tables with bright yellow chairs. Those bicycle wheel light fixtures by Brett Millet are pretty neat as well. A lot of effort with into this 'not just another sandwich shop'. The sandwiches themselves most definitely deliver the goods. I had the 'Turkey Day' which is an homage to Thanksgiving. Turkey breast, provolone cheese, cucumbers, cranberry jalapeño jelly and slow roasted tomatoes on French artisan bread. Delicious! Usually bread is the looser in sandwichville, but what Even Stevens are using will bring a single perfect tear to your eye. The ruben is another popular item which I look forward to checking off my list. They carry a nice selection of beer and have been playing the World Cup games as well. Could be a great place to catch one over lunch this month. Have you been to Even Stevens yet? What do you think?

200 South 414 East
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
8:00am - 10:00pm
(801) 727-7234