EXOS [Gallery]

“…That was fucking wild AF. One of the best nights at Switch in a long time!”  – Collin

"Hey this was soooooo awesome. Thank you so much!!!"  – Aubrey

"That shit was next level!”  – Soren

"Unforgettable. Still kind of in a fugu state from this whole experience. Thank you everyone that made this possible.”  – Harrison

"I LOVED LAST NIGHT !”  – Felipe

"10/10”  – Taylor

"Seriously am in awe with Saturday...”  – Tina

"This was beyond expectations. Thank you for putting together such an amazing event.”  – Courtney

"Wow. The best Techno I’ve ever heard. Exos that was awesome. You sir are an amazing artist. …New City Movement please keep this train rolling down the tracks. Super proud to call this place Home!”  – Michael

View the EXOS photo gallery from Daar Creative.