"Industry" is the name of Hel Audio's new monthly electronic showcase at Diabolical Records in Salt Lake City. It will take place the third Saturday of each month with the hopes of supporting and cultivating local electronic talent. The inagural show will feature live performances from Angel Magic, Fossil Arms, Jordan Swain, and UTA Trax on December 20. More info available at the facebook event posting.

More info on the next release, "Surrender" by Metatag, coming soon. In the meantime, be sure to check out the new visual music guide.

The most recent release, Mooninite's "Soda", is available now via Bandcamp or direct from Hel in cassette & digital formats, featuring collaborative appearances by OK Ikumi & RS2090 and art by Internet Explorers. Limited shirts and koozies also available.

Hel Audio is on soundcloudtwitter, & facebook. Be sure to check out the October 2014 label feature/interview by KSL.