Better Living Through Holography

"At Madison Square Garden, they projected the holograms on Holo-Gauze, a see-through, metallic gauze that serves as a projection screen for both 3D and 2D images. Invented by Stuart Warren-Hill in the U.K., the new surface, which resembles a mesh stocking, eliminates the use of mirrors and other reflective surfaces traditionally embedded in the floor. Holo-Gauze displays images directly from 3D projection systems. The patent-pending technology could prove to be a scalable and sturdy replacement for Pepper’s ghost, which can be unwieldy in a live setting and often requires high budgets. The gauze was carried over from London in a suitcase.

With every hologram that popped up mid-air between Prydz and his audience, the historic Manhattan concert venue turned into Hogwarts. “Immersive environments have become integral to the dance music scene,” says Calvert, “DJs in themselves—there are a few exceptions—haven’t got a lot of physical presence on stage. There’s only one person, and they’re controlling CDJs [music players commonly used by DJs to load and control tracks], which are predominantly quite boring to look at. It’s quite a static situation and that’s where production comes in. There needs to be something else for audience.”

– Mona Lalwani for BMW's Re:Form on Medium