Jetset Discotheque from the year 2000

The master of my first 'serious' mix CD, "Jetset Discotheque" from circa Y2K recently surfaced in a box of audio relics where it had been hiding for years. Despite the perfectionism that every DJ struggles with, I was really proud of this mix when I put it out. I even enlisted my friend Ryan Raddon (on his way to breaking out as KASKADE) to master it at his home studio during his time here in Salt Lake City. Hearing it now, "Jetset" was a blueprint for how I've been DJing ever since. Deep intros, soulful garage vocals, funky underground dubs, disco influences, acid traxx and warehouse anthems... all fill my DJ sets still today.

This disc was missing for so long that it became the touchstone inspiration for my revival 'Jetset' tour a few years ago. I had assumed it was lost forever. So, I'm excited to finally be able to archive and share this time capsule from one of the happiest times ...and places... in my life. So much appreciation for the people who were there, and have continued to support my dream through the years.

1. ‎Critical Point Feat. Vikter Duplaix, "Messages" (Mess-Apella) [MAW Records]
2. Next Evidence "Sands of Time" [Versatile]
3. Julius Papp Feat. Roger Glenn ‎"Imaginary Voyage" (Jay-J's Bumpin Dub) [Paper Recordings]
4. Ministers De-La-Funk "Believe" (Spen & Karizma Main Mix) [Defected]
5. Craig Smith "Da Groove" (The Soul Renegades After Dark Mix) [In Demand]
6. Paul Jays "Highly Superstitious" (Dino & Terry Remix 2) [Kaos]
7. Fritz Valley Project "From Year To Love" (Version One) [Transfusion]
8. DJD Pres. The Hydraulic Dogs "Shake It For Me" [Defender]
9. Lenny Fontana & DJ Shorty "Chocolate Sensation" [FFRR]
10. Bob Sinclar "I Feel For You" (Original + Beatappella Mixx) [Yellow]
11.Frankie O Feat. Bobby Hardy ‎"20000 Leagues" [White]
12. Da Cuban Heelz "Keep It Steady" (Miguel Migs Transporters Mix) [Defender]
13. Blue Six "Music And Wine" (Th'Attaboy Vocal) [Naked Music]
14. Jask "Freedom" [i Records]
15. Fire Island "There But For The Grace Of God" (Joey Negro Mix) [Junior London]

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