Derek Kitchen for SLC City Council

I was happy to help my friend Derek Kitchen with a simple design for his SLC City Council campaign which he made official today. Here's the message he released this morning:

Join me at Caputo's Market for a press conference to announce my candidacy for Salt Lake City Council - District 4.

Family, friends, and supporters: I'm very excited to announce that I have decided to run for Salt Lake City Council - District 4. (Derek Kitchen for City Council - Like my page for future updates).

I've always had a love of politics and community involvement. Whether it was my run for student body officer during high school, my community advocacy through being a small business owner, or my passion for social justice which led to Kitchen vs Herbert, I've been eager to make our collective voice heard. My run for City Council stems from my passion for our city, our home state, and our diverse community.

I hope you can join me for my press conference next week, and that, once again, I can count on your support in this new journey.

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