Mark Hofeling talks 'creating the worlds' for Disney's "Descendants"

I'm immensely proud of my husband Mark Hofeling's production design work on Disney's "Descendants" which premiered last weekend to 12.8 Million viewers (and topped iTunes). Mark is quite the polymath... whether it's anything design related, politics, sculpting, writing or cat herding... you name it, he can make it. And he's a master of his craft with 50 films, (20 for the mouse alone) under his belt. It is strange that someone who started out in low budget horror would be the king of choreographed musicals for young people, but there it is. I am biased of course... but Salt Lake City, UT should feel lucky to call him their own.

Hear Mark speak about 'creating the worlds' for "Descendants" in the video linked above and see more of his design work at