A nonchalant Serge stopping traffic in downtown Salt Lake City. Photo by Danny Graham.

A nonchalant Serge stopping traffic in downtown Salt Lake City. Photo by Danny Graham.


Serge Dupreez, a founding member of the popular after-hours party SALAD delivers our 10th exclusive guest mix in fine style. The Brussels born Scottish-Afrikaner grew up in the Bay Area before landing in Salt Lake for university. Between marketing school and a passion for house and disco (on vinyl), Serge has been right in the middle of every party crew in the city, helping to set-up and send out the best vibes. You could say he’s our spirit animal for exactly what the SLC needs and is capable of these days. His mostly vinyl mix for NCM is a funhouse ride through some of the most desirable deep house around today. Enjoy.


Can you tell us about your early influences in music and culture growing up internationally?  

I think so. Basically I am a "third culture kid" as they say. I was born in Brussels, Belgium to South African parents. My mom's side being recent Scottish immigrants and my dad's old Afrikaans settlers. So I probably heard rocking tracks in Belgium and Germany when I was young and impressionable before we relocated to the Bay Area. I think its made me love all kinds of music, across the board.  

What were the two or three stages you think lead you deeper into dance music? Style progression etc. Are you leaning one direction or another these days?

I would say initially just being obsessed with playing music for people. And showing people stuff I would find on old records and YouTube way back when we were both new kids on the block. YouTube was huge for my musical development, it’s still how I find my record buys today. If you hang out with me you know I'm always watching something on my phone. Then, probably getting so deep into DJing and playing constantly in Singapore. And finally hitting stateside again and being forced to make my own path as opposed to just riding the groove of an existing scene, which has made me a builder, a promoter, so much more.  

You’re known for a great after hours party in SLC called SALAD. What’s up with the plants?

Actually, some people don't know but my brothers Trevor Williams (Eights Everywhere) and Shayne Metos (The Dirtnap), conceived the idea together with me. This idea of a big mix of music at one party, an audio salad if you will. The plants are all fake cuz we don't want to hurt living ones, but they still give you a sense of the natural in the highly unnatural world of modern raves.  

You seem to be involved with nearly every stage set up and music crew in the city. How do you do it and what keeps you inspired?

Lots of dedication and living on coins honestly. There is no glamour in throwing raves, really it’s just a lot of work for not that much money. The inspiration is everyone's memories of the nights out. The reactions of people who were there and how these evenings helped them along in their personal struggle. Ah man, I was there so long ago. I want to share those incredible moments with anyone I can.

You’re enthusiasm for vinyl is commendable. What’s your favorite/least favorite aspect to playing vinyl in clubs?

What a nightmare. But what a heavenly experience it is when a record works. So much is literally riding on a needle point. That precariousness is probably what I like so much about it. But setting up on stages, booths with too many drunk people in them, feathers, balloons, insulation from the ceiling, and my own long sleeve shirts are my least favorite things. 

What are the best things about living in Salt Lake City versus other places you’ve lived or visited?

Salt Lake is so special. It really is something else. I have lived enough city lives I promise, when I say that there is really something about it. I love how intense it makes people. You have to put up with so much to live the musical life out here that you wouldn't even think of in many cities out west.  

Have a favorite club, dance floor or festival memory that still inspires you?

Yeah, I would say my graduating night from high school and spending the night on Sentosa. Maybe trying to stay afloat in a sea of people at Zouk seeing Benny Benassi in like 2009. That and rallying the boat stage we built (shouts out Cole Wardley, Hayden Price, Dax Robinson, Chase Breem, Zach Lambros) at Symbiosis' Eclipse Gathering last year. Seeing all my friends new and old from all over the world in one place to see a full solar eclipse. That was wild. 

What goals do you have for your future, musically or otherwise?

I can never quit music. I want to finally release my first record and give back to the endless pool of wax that I crawled out of. And doing parties on bigger and bigger scales to share those memories I spoke about. I just want to be successful in music enough to leave a mark like my heroes have.  

How would you describe the mix you made for NCM and your process?

I guess I have always been known for feel good vibes and happiness in my sets. Be it disco, true house or even when I'm belting out tech house sets its always feel good and happy. I played the records I wanted people to hear that I think have changed my life for the better. That’s pretty much it. Also am a bit of a perfectionist, so it took me a while. (Adam Harris gets an obligatory shout out for dealing with my insistence on re-spinning mixes) 

Thanks to my bosses and snakes at Nightfreq, my OG Lunar pals who I play with all the time who all know who they are, and all the mates I've made at odd hours of the morning in the Salad bowl who also know who they are. I love you all so much. Thanks to you Jesse and Matt!


1. Name - "Side Effect" - [Velours]
2. Paris Groove - "Portalis" -  [Virage]
3. Frits Wentink ft. Loes Jongerling - "Blaise Montoya" - [Wolf Music] (digital)
4. Felix Leifur - "Sunday Club" - [Dirt Crew] (digital)
5. Omar S - "For Us All" - [FXHE]
6. Peggy Gou - "Day Without Yesterday" - [Phonica White] (digital)
7. Motor City Drum Ensemble - "L.O.V.E. (Wolfgang Voigt remix)" - [!K7]
8. Joe S - "Any Colour You Like" - [Forgot]
9. Joe Corti - "Thinkin" - [Better Listen]
10. Mall Grab & Loods -"Sweetness" - [Steel City Dance Discs]
11. DJ Boring - "Track B" - [Shall Not Fade White]
12. Melodymann - "Disco Switch" - [MelodyMathics]
13. Adesse Versions - "Pulp Fusion" - [Delusions of Grandeur]
14. Nachtbraker ft San Proper's Elegy - "M.M.M. Original Mix " - [Heist]
15. Guti & Dubshape - "Every Cow Has a Bird" - [Crosstown Rebels]
16. Turbojazz - "TSOS (The Same Old Shiet)" - [Sampling As an Art]
17. Luvless - "Vary in Colour" - [Super Tuff]
18. Rohan Golestani - "Hiatus" - [Red Ember]
19. Son of Sound - "True Indeed (Vocal)" - [Local Talk] (digital)