Publik Coffee Roasters

Fourth-wave gentrification is moving at a steady clip here in the 'Ballpark' neighborhood just South of our newly minted “Central 9th District". The naming of which seems to have brought a renewed sense of purpose to what can seem like a zombie-transient thoroughfare between a triad of social services and Walmart. It's colorful around these parts, but I don't mind that much. One thing I have learned from my urban planning friends however is that getting more 'anchor' businesses in the area will help grow the common good. Not box stores or chain restaurants, but the kind of locally owned, walkable gathering places residents really desire spend their time and money. The quality of life goes up, and with it, property values. That's the plan at least. So as of late my faith has been renewed with the opening of some great local businesses like Atlas Architects, NoBrow Coffee Werks, City Cakes & Cafe, Meditrina, Sage's Cafe, and now Publik Coffee Roasters on 975 S. West Temple. Publik is branded as a community coffee shop, a co-working space and event venue. If that sounds like a lot to take on, don't worry, they have the space and resources for it.

Co-founders Missy Greis and Matthew Bourgeois along with help from head barista/roaster Dylan Sands (formerly of Rose Estb.) have left no stone unturned in their quest for coffee perfection. The enormous reception area used to house a Dutch owned lithography business, which luckily for Missy and Matt, dovetailed perfectly with their Dutch themed roastery ('Publik" is Dutch for "Community") and helped facilitate a smooth transition in ownership. From there, despite a few major holdups from the city, they transformed the building into something else entirely. Raw materials mix with clean, modern and eco-conscious design touches to bring out the character of the building. Breakout meeting rooms have large tables and mid-century modern chairs, the counters offer convenient hanging outlets and everyone will enjoy the "big ass fan" in the exposed center of the main business. Publik also has the most efficient small and large batch coffee roasting equipment on the market said Matt. Behind They taste all their beans in small batches before they roast and brew on site behind the visible glassed-in roasting room. Their larger commercial machine is from Diedrich, an Idaho based company that utilizes proprietary ceramic infrared burners instead of traditional blue flame. The process dramatically reduces noxious gas emissions (hello neighbors!) and makes things much cleaner and easier to control.

I myself am not a true coffee snob, but I know when it tastes exceptional and also enjoy the one-on-one with the people serving it to me. There are a vast array of coffee pioneers in SLC who we should all continue to support. But I have a good feeling about Publik and more than anything am tickled to see great new community focused businesses opening in my neighborhood.

Publik Coffee Roasters
975 S. West Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
7:00 am - 5:00 pm