Rebel Bass

My recent gigs at Urban Lounge, the latest opening for the incredible Bonobo got me thinking about my first experiences playing at the venue going back to the late 90's. At the time it was called the HOLY COW and it was as it sounds... a awfully named shit hole of a college dive. Not that there isn't a time and a place for that but it was pretty lackluster to say the least. Two busted loudspeakers, a stage and the everlasting smell of PBR. But it was there and then I was graciously added to a monthly roster for 'REBEL BASS', a party thrown by my friend–and one of the cities truest, bluest nightlife denizens–Sir Jimmy McCagno with some of the best DJ's in the city. I used to go by the DJ name 'Send' and many of you know Ryan Raddon as the now mega EDM phenomenon 'Kaskade'.

I still have great memories of playing my grab bag of house and techno 12"s for wide-eyed college kids, or whoever rolled through the door looking for a cheap shot of jägermeister. One could still smoke indoors and there wasn't an LED light in sight. Just had to share this little treasure. Thanks again Jim for digging these up.

Jesse Walker