Museum-Wide Unveiling! 5 New Exhibitions Opening at UMOCA

Don't miss UMOCA's museum-wide unveiling this Friday. I'm excited to see what they have in store. From their press release today:

UMOCA is very excited to present a newly refreshed museum with exhibitions throughout each of our five galleries and our Ed. Space.

It will be a lively evening mingling with artists, exploring new ideas presented through artwork, and enjoying our cash bar. *Receive a free exhibition graphic button with your $8 donation while supplies last.

Exhibitions Include:

main gallery
"Ideologue" is a group exhibition that brings together international and national contemporary artists who employ humor and hyperbole to reimagine platforms of ideology. Through text, print, video, and sculpture, the projects in Ideologue playfully map out how contemporary artists poke fun at the political universe and its pointed claims to social truth.
#ideologue #thefunnythingaboutorthodoxy

street gallery
Incorporating both the beautiful and the wretched, David Brothers creates elaborate, fantastical and sublime staged worlds as the palette for his photographic compositions. Through installation and photography, this solo exhibition will take the viewer into Brothers’ surreal world that is at once both hell and paradise. An accompanying publication will be available for purchase.

codec gallery
Oracle references the name of the eponymous small town in Arizona that was the site of one of the largest protests in the U.S. against the migration of unaccompanied minors from Central America. In Oracle, Okón attempts to give voice to the multiple and often widely dissenting positions surrounding the migration of tens of thousands of children, a phenomenon that reached unprecedented numbers in 2014. 

projects gallery
In Andrew Moncrief’s A Strange Feeling, the artist appropriates images of male wrestlers to unravel dichotomies of violence and intimacy, stoicism and submission, tolerance and taboo. Rendered in thick layers of oil paint, Moncrief’s striking figures evoke tensions between classical representations of the ideal form and contemporary understandings of the gendered body.

a-i-r space
Paul Crow's photographs are records of his movement through places with the aim of being as fully present there as he is able. With the camera recording the trajectories of his attention, Crow puts aside traditional notions of composition, framing, and subject in order to represent both moving through, and being in, at once.

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