Wall-to-Wall at Deep4Life

We at New City Movement want to extend our thanks to Victor Simonelli for bringing his amazing talent and music knowledge to the second DEEP4LIFE at JAM last Saturday. Naturally... buckets of rain had to descend from the heavens during hours of operation, but that didn't stop the clubbing faithful which packed the party wall-to-wall. JAM was hot, sweaty and jumping with raw, artistic soul, (see video above) which included a warmup set by my friend RED SPECTRAL who tailored his sound to suit D4L perfectly. The cops even came to put their stamp of approval on things!

As some of you know, Victor has a special connection to Utah having spent four years here as a teenager living with his mother who worked for Job Corps. Victor graduated from Carbon County High School (of all places...) and credits the experience with opening his mind to new experiences, long lasting friendships and ultimately helping him to re-focus on music full-time upon returning to NYC. It was there that he he worked with the likes of Arthur Baker at Shakedown Studios with more big name artists than you can shake a stick at, later going on to develop talent and form his own labels in the US and UK.

For a man with so much success under his belt, Victor has little to no ego. He's one of the kindest, most giving people you could ever come in contact with and it shows in his approach to music, touring and beyond. He's truly present wherever he is and that was an inspiration to me personally. So glad he could come visit again. Stay tuned for a recording of his DJ set to be posted at our Soundcloud page in the coming weeks. Till next time...