Art Crimes Against Humanity 008


Fluorescent tubes may be energy efficient but as most of us know, they are 100% evil. Axis of evil, evil. The effects of these buzzing boxes of death are well documented. Fresh food rots before your very eyes, human skin appears sickly gray or green, big ticket merchandise suddenly turns into dollar store discounts, every bone in ones body says "get out of this torture chamber now!"

Fluorescent lighting may be slowly killing you and your business. Two options exist: 1. Replace them. Go back to energy hogging incandescents, Light Emitting Diodes or color corrected compact fluorescents. 2. Reduce your existing tubes glamour harming rays with polycarbonate gel sleeves or tubes in color correcting warm tones. Your local stage supply store can help you choose a color to match what ever lighting brand you are suffering under currently.