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Throwback Thursday: The Globe Cafe By Moonlight

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Where Cindy Lee asian cafe sits today on Main Street once lived a fairly amazing restaurant called The Globe Cafe. I used to DJ there around the turn of the century before moving to the Red Door. I'm not sure who took the above photo (please tell me if you know...) but it came to light on an old hard drive and is bringing back some great memories. One might argue that bits of our current dining scene's stardust could be traced back to the Globe's big bang of ahead-of-it's-time food by chefs Adam Kreitzel, Joe DiMeo and others. The Globes owners, management and staff were always so fun to be around which made it feel like family. I hope they know what an impact they made. 

In The Control Room

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Some highlights below from last Saturday's Control Room (8.23.14) via DA\AR Photography.
The entire FB gallery can be seen here. Thanks again to the keen promoters for having me, and for throwing such an awesome event. Also to all the other DJ's who destroyed it. Definitely one for the books! Archived streaming video should be up at Quality Control's Daily Motion page soon.

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DJ Hot Noise taking Control Room 2 to the finish line this past Saturday.

DJ Hot Noise taking Control Room 2 to the finish line this past Saturday.

Promised Valley Playhouse

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From recent late night wanderings near 132 South State Street. Promised Valley Playhouse (...Orpheum Theatre, Casino Theatre, Wilkes Theatre, Playhouse, Roxy Theatre, Lake Theatre, Lyric Theater). Status: Demolished.

Did you know there's an website dedicated to all Utah theaters, open or closed from the beginning of time?

James Adomain is The New (Gay) Funnyman

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Photo: Mindy Tucker

Photo: Mindy Tucker

This James Adomain guy has been making me laugh this week. Especially his take on the history of Gay Villainy which he teases out even further in a fully costumed performance as the Sheriff of Nottingham on Comedy Central's The Meltdown which is performed live at a comic book store in LA.

A View To A Spill

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I had the honor, along with my friend DJ Hot Noise to play at the 2014 Psicobloc Masters Series competition this past Friday at Park City's Utah Olympic Park. It was so cool to watch some of the best climbers in the world attack the specially designed solo climbing wall and then drop from up to 50 feet into the water. Here are a few moments we captured from inside and out of our neat bubble tower DJ booth, playing to a crowd of thousands. You can also stream the entire competition filmed by Louder Than 11 here.

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Working for a Living

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I've never not had a job ...or two.
So, I thought I'd write a list of all the jobs I've ever done in order
–that I could remember. Here they are:

farm hand
potato harvester
pineapple picker
bus boy
office cleaner
shipping dept. manager
fabric store sales
book & video store salesperson
department store salesman
(shoes and mens departments)
rental truck return driver
demolition man
club promoter
document delivery man
office manager
graphics designer
web designer
event coordinator
music supervisor
art director

Control Room 002

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Info on a great party coming up...


Quality Control  is ready to go LIVE once again from the CONTROL ROOM...with a fresh set of PROPER SLC DJS prepared to bring you the HIGHTEST QUALITY House & Tech.

We'd like to formally invite you to join in on the movement. 
Prepare for a night unlike any other Utah has to offer...

Salt Lake City. Let's Dance. Quality Is In The Details...


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Your Control Room Lineup...


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