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'FLIGHT' at The Leonardo

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Early concept and branding for FLIGHT by Contact Design.

Early concept and branding for FLIGHT by Contact Design.

FLIGHT, the Leonardo's first permanent exhibit in Salt Lake City has finally debuted. I was proud to work on the initial branding of FLIGHT, but the real heroes are the people behind the scenes at the Leo, Creative Services Bureau and Merit Medical who had the crazy dream of putting two retired airplanes inside the main hall of a brutalist style building. It's a must see! You can read more about the entire process here.

More information at

Major Tom & The Moonboys

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Either I was having an early onset mid-life crisis or the cocktails were as strong as they were delicious... but about half way through sips at Under Current last night, the talent of Major Tom & The Moon Boys, a new Bowie tribute band became undeniable. Lead singer Tom Larsen's vocals and affect, complete with dyed red hair were uncannily close to the real thing, and the band was holding their own as well. Great performance, and only their second show! Try and catch them sometime. Follow and watch more of their videos here.

Goodbye Sweet Ride, I Love You.

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My trusty Swobo, single speed 'Sanchez' in Silver, free wheel with front and rear brakes.

My trusty Swobo, single speed 'Sanchez' in Silver, free wheel with front and rear brakes.

Some donkey face stole my beloved Swobo 'Sanchez' last night after the Twilight Concert. I locked it up outside of Velo City on the railing/walkway on Pierpont Ave. around 11pm only to find the cable lock snipped by wire cutters. The 'Sanchez' was my best friend through thick and thin. Many people in SLC might even recognize it without me on it, or at least that's my hope.

Thanks to Jon Moak for helping me find the best bike for me. Thank you Dan Rivers for helping me trick it out and keep it running smoove. Thank you Ernesto for not posting that photo of me endo-ing in front of the patio at W. Lounge on my first night riding it. Thank you to Jesse Trentadue and Vanessa Welsh for starting the 'Tranny Bangs'  bike gang. Here's to all the good times we had riding around Salt Lake City, meeting up with friends at bars, restaurants, house parties, scavenger hunts and all the things that didn't require a car... just a sense of freedom and wonder.

I hope the universe returns the favor, asshole!