The Art of Being A Perfect House Guest

Let me take a moment to tell you about a recent house guest who's visit makes me smile still. A longtime friend from New York was with me for over a week and I can't stop gushing about the little things he did to make his stay remarkable. Basic things we could all use to remember when we're invited into someones home.

For starters he offered to take a taxi to my house from the airport on arrival, which I declined, insisting I pick him up. Once at my house, he kept all his luggage and personal items neatly contained in our guest room and bathroom. From there on out he was charming and respectful to everyone we came in contact with, never making the conversation just about him. He always said 'please' and 'thank you' and offered to pay for food and groceries. A gesture I succeeded in preventing about fifty percent of the time.

While I was at work, I let him drive my car to visit friends and sightsee, as one does. And while not wrecking it and probably driving as safe as a grandma he not only inquired if I needed anything at the store (which I did once, again refusing payment) but he also filled the gas tank, which I discovered a few days after his departure.

Beyond that, my good guest—who shall be invited back anytime, ever—managed to tidy up and do the dishes once per day. He picked up on on what time my precious kitties were fed each night and did that before I got home as well. To top it all off, on the last night he took out the garbage and stripped his bed, stopping short of washing the sheets because, in his words, "I didn't know if you use fabric softener or not."

You'd think this type of behavior would be limited to single, gay men of a certain age, but you'd be wrong. Earlier this year we entertained a young family of five on a budget from Los Angeles who, at every age pulled nearly the same archaic antics. 

Perhaps manners do still exist. If so, we all should do our part to keep them from becoming completely extinct. It is what separates us from our primitive ancestors and a guaranteed way to make and keep friends for life. My two cents.

Dallas Modern

Discovered this vein of Dallas modern architecture from Modernhepcat, an account I follow on Instagram. The book Dallas Modern authored by The Dallas Architecture Forum can be purchased at Visual Profile Books, Inc.

Description: Dallas Modern is a beautifully photographed, handsomely designed and superbly reproduced hardcover book featuring 20 private homes in “Big D” that represent the talents of internationally renowned architects and revered Texas regionalist architects alike. Defying stereotypical attitudes about modern design, the homes reveal private spaces, ranging from intimate, small-scaled dwellings to sprawling, grand opera-sized estates that illuminate the style, comfort and charm often accompanied by spectacular natural settings. What unites them is a profound respect for the families they shelter and a deep commitment to the art of homebuilding.

Miss Streisand's Clothes From... Her Closet

I watched the 1976 A Star Is Born for the first time last night as recommended by a friend (Thanks T$). I remember it being a big deal when I was a kid. My parents had the soundtrack album and other Streisand, Kristofferson, Manilow and Diamond vinyl records from the era which I would sing around the house. Rodney Cuellar, who is my guest this week for NOW-ID's Pecha Kucha filled me in on what a vintage clothing lover Babs is and all the Ralph Lauren looks happening in the movie—which she produced! The adobe ranch house Kristofferson builds for them in Arizona is fabulous. Makes me long for the 70's which ended when for me at age five.

We're Up All Night To Get Funky

Main FUNK of my set from last night's SLC FUNK par-taaay. And yes, it was really, really fun. Thanks to the good people who brought the love with dancing shoes ready to burn rubber and experience the weird. Thanks also goes to Markus V. for opening the night in fine style and the all the gang running the joint (until they level the building sometime this year). Let's do it again...?

New Orleans Only Micro-Krewe Rolls with Satire

My husband Mark is working in New Orleans and enjoying the wind up of neighborhood krewe parades that wind up to Mardi Gras 'Fat Tuesday'. Today he told me to look up this ridiculous 'micro' parade called 'tit Rex (pronounced 'teet' as in the French 'petit'). See video above. 

More from

Inspired by Bacchus, the father of all super krewes, the creators of ‘tit Rəx asked: in an age when super krewes are setting the bar for larger and larger spectacles, when route consolidation has resulted in epic evenings of parade upon parade, when the size and velocity of throws has become at times physically hazardous to the recipients, could New Orleans not benefit from one krewe that takes the opposite approach? We thought so...

Also pretty cool: The North Side Skull & Bones Indian Gang

Derek Kitchen for SLC City Council

I was happy to help my friend Derek Kitchen with a simple design for his SLC City Council campaign which he made official today. Here's the message he released this morning:

Join me at Caputo's Market for a press conference to announce my candidacy for Salt Lake City Council - District 4.

Family, friends, and supporters: I'm very excited to announce that I have decided to run for Salt Lake City Council - District 4. (Derek Kitchen for City Council - Like my page for future updates).

I've always had a love of politics and community involvement. Whether it was my run for student body officer during high school, my community advocacy through being a small business owner, or my passion for social justice which led to Kitchen vs Herbert, I've been eager to make our collective voice heard. My run for City Council stems from my passion for our city, our home state, and our diverse community.

I hope you can join me for my press conference next week, and that, once again, I can count on your support in this new journey.

Follow him and his partner Moudi:

A Hell of a House Party

I've been binge watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the first time ever on Netflix. The serial nature of it calms me. Perhaps that's the inspiration for this little party we're doing at the infamous Burt's Tiki Lounge this Saturday. Turns out Sapa Grill purchased the bar and is going to remodel or tear it down this year. Until then, my friends have the run of the place. Don't worry, it has been power washed ...but there's still plenty of FUNK on the walls. It's pretty ghetto fabulous actually. Going to bring in some speakers and lights and make it a good time. $3 Cover. Cash only bar! Do you dare?