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Snack Time

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Guest Mix Exclusive 001: Markus V.

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DJ Markus V.

DJ Markus V.

Markus Verhaaren is one of my Audioflo alumni going way back to our downtempo nights at W. Lounge here in SLC. He's a quiet, talented fellow who's been taking his DJ career to new heights since we connected last. After 9 years in Arizona and fresh from his weekly residencies at "AZ88" in Scottsdale and "Hanny's" in downtown Phoenix, Markus is back in Utah and full of soulful energy.

That's why I asked Markus to recreate the incredibly 'funky' opening set he played for the Nightmares on Wax show last month at Urban Lounge. Markus obliged, and we have our first NCM Guest Mix Exclusive from Markus V. Thanks good man!

Love Your Neighbor

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Short film "Neighbours" by Norman Mclaren. Made in 1952.

From Dangerous Minds: This year marks the centenary of the birth of pioneering filmmaker Norman McLaren, whose multi-award-winning animations inspired generations of filmmakers including Francois Truffaut, George Lucas and Michel Gondry. 

McLaren’s best-known for his work with the National Film Board of Canada, for whom he made his Oscar-winning 1952 short Neighbours, which mixed pixilation, stop-frame animation and live action to create a powerful anti-war message. The film reflected McLaren’s mixed feelings about the Korean War as he had just returned from China where he had been greatly impressed by the way the Communist country was progressing. He found his own experience of Chairman Mao’s China at odds with its representation in the West during the war. Read more >


Bunny Hop Triumphs Again

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Photos and video from Sunday's miraculous 'Bunny Hop' fundraiser at The Garage... WOW!

YouTube playlist (4 videos)

Guys... Guys, Can you believe we raised $1500 for Volunteers of America, Utah - Homeless Youth Resource Center this Easter? Simply amazing!

We couldn't have done it without all of your heavenly bodies showing up with loads of love and energy for our 4th year in a row, so THANK YOU from the deepest part of me and the crew at The Garage (Bob, Marsha, all... you're tremendous). I also need to congratulate the following sponsors, DJ's and helper bunnies for making the Hop come together behind the scenes and on the day of the event:

Ron Green / The Green Ant
Michael Templeman / Tomorrow’s House
Josh Wheatley / Urban Vintage SLC
Cody Derrick & Amy Tibbals / cityhome Collective
Karamea Puriri / SLUG Magazine & KRCL
Angela H. Brown and the Slug Magazine team
Flying Bobcat Theatrical Laboratory
Stoneground Kitchen
Diabolical Records
Barber Kit Stiefel

Denise Cartwright Organics
+ Justin Godina (Mixer Donation)
+ Dan Rivers (Professional Egg Hider)
+ Tatiana Subbotin (Caffeine / Moral Support)
+ Philip Gunderson (Floral Tie Furnishings)
+ Lee Croy (8 hr. layover surprise visit from Portland)
+ The Dancers ( know who you are)

Last but not least a huge hunk of burnin' love goes out to our DJ’s for providing the perfect soundtrack, THANK YOU again:  John Peppinger / Megan Harker Moak / Heather Gaither / Jesse Stewart / James Ramirez / Justin Godina / DJ Finale Grand / Sam "Feral Cat" Stinson

Ready, Set...The Time is NOW

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Proposed set design for FEAST at The Great Saltair by Nathan Webster + Gary Vlasic.

Proposed set design for FEAST at The Great Saltair by Nathan Webster + Gary Vlasic.

Hey Pals,

If you are considering or are intending to attend FEAST, we'd love, love love for you to buy your ticket now, here, or before April 21, 2014 11:59pm PT at the latest. If you enjoyed our last production, The Wedding, we know that FEAST will blow you away.

The support we've received thus far has been incredible, (we're one of the top funded dance companies on Kickstarter and now Indiegogo...) but we still need your help to materialize our vision. With only 3 days left, we want to reach a financial goal that will enable us to cover our fixed costs, a minimum of $16,000. From this point on, that's just over $1000 a day which, with your help, we know we can do. The best part is that your donation is more than a donation - you get stuff for helping us create this! All you need to do is: 

The point is, no matter what, YOU can help us get there, and the time is NOW. Every bit helps. $5, $50, $500... JOIN US for a meaningful, resonant, and mythic evening and... THANK YOU!

> INVEST in 'FEAST', today <

20/20 Psychedelic Vision

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Probably way behind the curve here, but I've cultivated a growing obsession with these weirdo-psychedelic-krautrock-shoegaze bands like Montreal's Suuns. (See the video playlist above). Very inventive, dark and brooding stuff that's currently inspiring NOW-ID's 'FEAST' project.

Also enjoying Outfit, Wooden Shjips, John Grant, Monoinput, S. Carey, Moon Duo, Psychic Ills, Diiv and Anika. Some of which are in a playlist I'll continue to tinker with on Spotify. Friend me there by searching: spotify:user:mrjessewalker

'FEAST' Fundraising In Final Week, Get Tickets Soon!

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Dear friends and supporters of the arts, NOW-ID is approaching the final week of our Indiegogo campaign for the upcoming FEAST, to be held at Saltair on May 24th. The work has begun and we're feeling immensely grateful for the support we've received. So far, we've raised $8,000+ of our goal towards supporting artists and infrastructure for the performance, about half of our bare-bones budget... but we could use your help, and soon!

If you haven’t had the chance to check out our Indiegogo pagethis is the time to make a difference:


Together, we can push ‘FEAST' over the edge. We all did it last year with 'The Wedding', and we plan to make this project equally amazing.

Simple, affordable event tickets are available now on Indiegogo - JOIN me and the brilliant team at NOW-ID (on the 'Fun Bus' if you can...) for an entertaining, meaningful, and mythical evening.

All our love and appreciation,


p.s. Share FEAST with your friends and family. We need eyeballs and enthusiasm!

Chalk Garden Co-Op

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The Chalk Garden Co-Op on the corner of 74 S. Main St. and 100 S. has some nice spring stock in for men and women including Rag & BoneLevi's Made & Crafted and Adriano Goldschmied and a fun assortment of socks and bow ties. My gang and I stopped in yesterday and found some perfect pieces for the upcoming Bunny Hop this Easter Sunday.

While the prices are a little high, you get what you pay for in excellent service and personal attention. The renovation of the historic Crandall Building is also pretty cool. You've gotta love those old bank vault dressing rooms, something Urban Outfitters can't make out of plywood. 

Become One In A Million

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145Fund.Org is helping to create marriage equality $5 at a time, by making it easy for people like YOU to become part of the change. It's as simple as texting short code "145fund" to 50155 or clicking the donate link link at 145Fund.Org.

145 is a grass roots funding campaign of Restore Our Humanity, the group creating marriage equality in Utah. Our case has a good chance of creating a national impact for equal marriage rights, but it's going to take a lot of financial support to make this possible. With nearly 314 million people in the United States, we're looking for the support of only a fraction of you to help make marriage equality a reality. Become one in a million, donate today.

“Restore Our Humanity is a small group of everyday citizens who saw a wrong that needed to be righted,” said Mark Lawrence, the volunteer Director of Restore Our Humanity. “Now we’re asking for our fellow citizens, in Utah and throughout the country, to help us see this through to victory. For just $5, everyone can become part of this historic change.”