Dr. Du-More's Classic Adult Soft Toothbrush


To Dr. Du-More or whomever it may concern,

I fell in love with these short toothbrushes you make a few years ago and can't seem to find them anymore (See attached photo). The shorter, utilitarian handle design paired with an adult sized softbrush head is quite revolutionary in a world of enormous neon hiking staffs called toothbrushes now-a-days. I purchased the first ones I saw at Walmart (don't ask) but they have never returned. Can you tell me if and where I can find them in anything smaller than a carton of 36? That's all I can find on the web and the cost is $50 with shipping. A little steep for tiny toothbrushes don't you think?

Can I buy them directly from you somehow? Do you have samples or back stock you could send me? I really do LOVE them and I only have THREE left! I even posted a review saying so at my website. Anyways, I thought it was worth trying to contact you. If there's anything you can do to help me, please respond post-haste.

Thank you,

Mr. Jesse Walker