The Last NiteLite


This is a photo I took of my friend and W. Lounge bartender extraordinaire Mark Ito sitting on the empty dancefloor after the doors were locked at the last NiteLite party. Sad, but kind of beautiful to think of all the fun we had in this space. Notice the neon triangles scattered everywhere? That's some Martha Stewart action right there! Oh, and here's a few videos I took during the height of the party. Not much light but you get the gist...(I had to swap the audio with some limited choices from youtube since the sound was too hot for my camera phone). Thanks goes out to our super special guest DJ Nick Hammer for blowing the roof off the joint and making this night a smashing success. Thanks also to all of you who came out in celebration of our three years of divinely deep, forward thinking house music! You are like my family and the reason for the rhythm... don't hang up those dancing shoes just yet!

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