JCPenney Cafe(teria) Exposed

In the JCPenney Company building downtown on 310 S Main Street in Salt Lake City there exists an unadvertised, almost mythological company cafe that my coworkers and I have been dying to explore for the past three years. It's closed between 10:30 and 11:30 AM which is every time we've tried to go but last Friday our attempt was successful. As you can see from my clandestine pix, the joint is a glamorous fluorescent lit cafeteria with adjoining break room that takes up one fourth of the 4th floor. The menu is super confusing, littered with logos and clip art but once it was explained to me that the days of the week don't really line up with the items to their right I settled on an Italian Tuna Wrap with soda pop and chips for under $6. A stupendous value for the dollar! We can't wait to try the Sushi which is prepared by a 'well known chef' every other Thursday. Tuesdays include access to the 'Pasta Bar Action Station.' All this and a wall of microwaves, a salad bar and jumbo sized condiment bar await you. Click to enlarge the second panoramic photo. You're welcome.